Hoffner Trucker Hat Khaki/White, Richardson Snapback


“I love a good Trucker Hat and have some really good ones in my collection so I designed the Hoffner Trucker hat as the really cool hat that I would wear every day”- Brian Hoffner

the Hoffner Shield  represents his attitude,  his mindset, his training and his knives.  Combining the shield, with the blade and Spartan Helmet, says it all.  Wear it proudly on your gear to say “Step aside or join me, I will Prevail!”

  • Richardson Hat
  • Khaki and white hat with brown embroidery
  • Hoffner embroidered logo with high thread count
  • Snap back hat
  • One size fits all
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Meaning of the Hoffner Shield

The shield has protected the warrior for many centuries but we know that the best defense is a strong offense, hence the sword. Look closely and you will see the eye and mouth openings of the spartan helmet because it is our mind that is our most important weapon, all else is supplemental.  We are modern day warriors, we fight with modern day weaponry, notice the front and rear sights at the top of the shield, but remember that modern-day weapons, even a thousand years from now,  will always feature the blade.  Also see at the top of the shield the coat and tie of the modern-day warrior as our armor and manner of dress continues to evolve.

Look back to the shield which is an “H” for Hoffner, but more importantly…for HONOR


the Hoffner Creed:

Life is a battle, train to win, carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance,

never quit,

live with honor,



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