Hoffner Concealed-Carry Battle Pants


Tactical Clothing Designer Brian Hoffner brings you Concealed Carry Clothing. Tuck your shirt and secretly carry your firearm and accessories without a cover.  With zippered access on both thighs, and calves, the user can quickly access their pistol, knife, gear, and valuables from the one size fits all, Pistol Holster for the thighs or the Fixed Blade holster for the calves.  All for your security, comfort, and concealment.  They are a great defense against pick-pockets and the perfect pants for everyday carry. Hoffner Concealed Carry Clothing, look great and carry a big stick! Made in the USA.  Veteran and Law Enforcement owned and operated.


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You wear Hoffner Concealed-Carry Battle Pants

You have a look that demands respect, though with just a hint of danger.  You are a Sheepdog, you speak softly and carry a big stick, You are skilled, and true to your convictions, you are never without the goods that you’ll need to prevail in a sudden quagmire of deep trouble.  No one knows that you armed for your own little Armageddon, but you are. You wear American Tactical Apparel, to covertly carry your pistol, your knives, and the equipment you must have to prevail, and you look great.  You are a certain kind of man, a well dressed man, with a certain swagger.  A man that carries himself with pride and a feral growl, unsaid words that shout of a hostile takeover, and that YOU are unafraid, why should you be, you are a menace in a pair of pants, American Tactical Apparel pants, designed by Brian Hoffner and made in the USA. So, to hell with political correctness and the trends that wash away our souls, you say “Step aside, follow me, or assume a fetal position, I am here”.


  • Available in Khaki, Olive, or Black
  • Heavy 60/40 Twill material
  • Custom made for your size
  • YKK Zippers
  • Loads of Pockets

Once you place your order, we will follow up with you to get your size and specifications.  We will then custom make your clothing

281-855-8800    orders@hoffners.com

Showroom: 21145 FM 529 STE 1104, Cypress Texas 77433


the Hoffner Creed:

Life is a battle, train to win, carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance,

never quit,

live with honor,



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