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Brian Hoffner designed the Best Defensive Knife on the planet! Here’s why:

Revolutionary – It’s a great American pocket-knife, perfect for opening boxes and eating apples, but the handle is ultimately engineered for defense. It has a rear grip hold system, meant to be held at the rear of the grip in both the point down and point forward position. The handle is specifically and ergonomically designed to be held at the butt of the handle. That’s why all that jimping is there, to keep it from sliding in your hand. This feature gives you the entire blade, plus an additional two inches of reach. Get to know your knife through touch. How it feels in your hand tells you how your knife is positioned for use. It also gives you a powerful hold on the knife, without the need of a hilt. See those holes in the handle? Those are Index Divots, a unique Hoffner Invention to keep your grip transitions secure and balanced between point down and point forward. When you hold this knife, when you transition between grips… it’s not going anywhere but where you want it!

Fast as a SNAP - The ambidextrous clip allows you to carry the knife on either side of your body with the point down so that it can be deployed with the “SNAP” opening. This is a huge advantage because there are no buttons to find and no thumb stud is required. It’s gross motor skill and it’s the fastest defensive deployment in the world to the powerful and defensive point down position. It cannot be beat!

The Hoffner Folding Knife is a must for the pocket of every American dedicated to self-defense and the protection of family- Brian Hoffner

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