Special Offering Hobbs Island Hoffner Defensive Folding Knife Operator Course: June 9, 2023


Special Offering Hobbs Island Defensive Folding Knife Operator Course       $75 (normally $250)       

Friday Evening June 9, 2023, 6.30pm – 9pm 

Hobbs Island Shooting Range, 3682 Hobbs Island Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803             

Hoffners Defensive Folding Knife Training is the best in the world because of it’s simplicity, ease of learning, and effectiveness.  The knife is a tool that most citizens carry but typically do not train with.  The introduction of the Hoffner Folding Knife provides less lethal tool options to the citizen as well as extremely effective defensive skills.  This class trains the citizen to effectively defend against a CQB deadly force attack.  This class is a must for everyone who is intent on the ability to defend self and protect family.  The entire family and friends are invited.  Certification is provided through Hoffners training Academy.

June 9, 2023, 6:30pm – 9pm Hobbs Island Shooting Range

Don’t miss this rare, dual event, training opportunity with Brian Hoffner



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Join the fun and excitement of learning how to defend yourself with the Hoffner Folding Knife.  It’s so easy to learn, mater, and retain for life.

With the purchase of this class you may attend a scheduled class or hold the certificate until you choose to attend.  This tuition never expires until it is attended.

Date: April 1, 2023 9am to Noon (Followed by Combined CQB Pistol & Knife Skills 12:30 – 5pm)

Equipment: Hoffner Training Knives are provided for use during the class, bring eye and groin protection are optional
Pre-requisites: none


the Hoffner Creed:

Life is a battle, train to win, carry a big stick, fight with a vengeance,

never quit,

live with honor,



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