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A Message from Brian Hoffner
President, Hoffners LTD, Co
Welcome to Hoffners American Holsters and Hoffners Training Academy. In 1985 as a young police officer I couldn’t find “just the right Holster” so I purchased some leather and made it myself. As other officers saw it they asked “can you make me one”? Then their friends asked “Can you have him make me one”? And Hoffners Holsters was born. Shortly thereafter, as I trained police officers to stay alive and keep the public safe, I realized the importance of providing the same training for responsible citizens to defend themselves and to keep their families safe, so Hoffners Training Academy opened its doors with high quality, innovative, training.

Decades later, Hoffners American Holsters engineers and produces unique high quality holsters and equipment carriers to fill the needs of professionals and citizens throughout the country. At Hoffners Training Academy, I have applied my life long studies of neuro-biological research and the science of the fight to develop my training system. It combines the use of equipment, body, and mind, to transform students to a level of excellence unmatched by any other learning system. Hoffners Training Academy provides core classes, specialty tactics classes, continuing education classes, team building, and instructor development classes throughout the world to police, other professional, corporate organizations, and responsible citizen groups. I love building sheepdogs out of ordinary citizens and instilling in them a sense of extreme confidence and great self-worth. With quality equipment and great training we are doing our part to make a better, stronger, more responsible America and I invite you to join us. Please enjoy my innovative products and I hope to see you on the range, with me, training to be the best you can be. Stay safe, but be willing, let others be sheep.
Brian Hoffner


the Hoffner folding knife is stellar!
Jack Walston, Former US Navy Seal
I used your minimal ES mag pouches as USPSA SS Nationals in Quicy Ill, just recently. The mag pouches are super slick and fast to load and pull from. Great gear, and being able to slide them close to each other to carry lots of mag on my limited real estate (small waist) was perfect. Great product.
Robert Franks